Clarification of Independent Assessment of Merit System of Kampar Regency: KASN Encourages collaboration

23 Mar 2021 - 03:35

KASN held an online clarification on the implementation of merit system in Kampar Regency, Riau Province, Friday (3/19/2021). The clarification is a follow-up to the independent assessment of merit system (PMPSM) implementation that has been done by Kampar Regency before.

KASN Commissioner for Supervision of The Implementation of Merit System Region 2, Mustari Irawan, hopes that this clarification can build the same perception related to supporting data evidence for 37 assessment sub-perspectives.

"Our hope in this meeting, in addition to verifying, conducting perceptions of supporting data evidence, as well as another collaboration between KASN and Kampar District," said Mustari.

"Hopefully the merit system in Kampar District is good and can provide full support to the organization, in this case to the implementation of government in Kampar Regency," he added.

Meanwhile, the Head of The Human Resources Development and Staffing Agency (BKPSDM) of Kampar Regency, Zulfahmi, thanked KASN for clarifying. He said that at this time his party needs guidance from KASN in improving the application of merit system.

"So that in the future we in kampar district government can follow up what is right, what is desired by this merit system," said Zulfahmi.

Furthermore, the details of clarification of the merit system of Kampar Regency were conveyed by kasn assistant in the field of supervision of the implementation of merit system region 2, Septiana Dwiputrianti. Kasn assistant who earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Crawford School of Public Policy, the Australian National University said, from the results of this verification in the future can still be improved. That is, Kampar Regency can continue to optimize some aspects of the implementation of the merit system.

One of the points outlined by Septiana in this clarification is the award to ASN employees. It is expected that kampar government can realize the awarding.

"Appreciation for performance is something we're very easy to do. An outstanding ASN should exist (award). That could encourage motivated ASNs to perform well. It can also be a good track record," Septiana said. (NQA/PRKASN)