Verification of Independent Assessment of Merit System in Singkawang City : KASN Ready to Accompany to Achieve Good Predicate

23 Mar 2021 - 03:38

Indonesian Civil Service Commission (KASN), conducted an independent assessment verification for the implementation of the merit system in Singkawang City, West Kalimantan, online, Monday (3/22/2021). The verification aims to build the same perception between KASN and Singkawang City about aspects of merit system development.

KASN Commissioner for Supervision of Merit System Implementation region 2, Mustari Irawan, reminded again, the improvement of merit system implementation is one of the strategies to strengthen ASN management included in RPJMN 2020-2024. Therefore, the strengthening of ASN management based on merit system becomes very important.

In addition, the merit system itself also presents a number of benefits, such as providing career certainty for ASN. "The career path for ASN is the ladder to get a higher position, and the merit system keeps it all," Mustari said.

Verification of merit system this time, said Mustari, is not only a moment for KASN to assess what singkawang city has done. But more than that, collaboration is expected to be intertwined.

"We are not only doing assessments but also building the same perception as Singkawang City. We want to build collaboration between KASN and Singkawang City," the KASN Commissioner said.

"We are ready to provide mentoring and coaching to the city of Singkawang until later get a good category," he added.

Meanwhile, Singkawang City represented by the Assistant General Administration of the Regional Secretariat, Bosni, said that it has done well in realizing the development of merit system. However, it claimed to be ready to follow all directions from KASN for the implementation of a good merit system.

"We in Singkawang are ready to improve. Hopefully with this meeting there can be a correction (from KASN), and we are ready to fix it," explained Bosni.

Furthermore, verification one by one aspects of merit system assessment is carried out by kasn assistant in the field of supervision of the implementation of merit system region 2, Septiana Dwiputrianti. She said, from the results of verification, the evidence submitted by singkawang city has been relatively adequate.

Even so, some evidence also needs to be completed. "It just needs to be added so that the assessment can be more objective," Septiana said. (NQA/PRKASN)